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Brought the battery for a 2012 ford focus 2yrs 4months the battery starts acting up ..no pro rate explaination waa its 4 months over the warranty. BS...He offered the exact same price from 2 yrs ago No thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Battery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So you're upset because the battery was out of warranty, which means they can't just GIVE you a new one? And you would have to purchase a new one, at the cost that it was when you last came in likely due to the fact that the cost of the battery itself has not changed in the 2 years, 4 month since you last visited? I'm not understanding the complaint here.


I didn't want a new one. They should have had the warranty on the receit this way I wouldn't have complained.

That's also because I purchased it on line and picked it up in their store. They had the original reciet. It was 4 months past the warranty and I didn't find out until the battery was dead. .They then wanted to charge me the full price without pro rating it I went to Walmart and it says on the receit one year warranty and if I bring it back before that it will be prorated.

Women aren't aware of auto issues. Now I am. So.

..that was my complaint. .