Bottom line - My investment, fuel costs to travel to the store from one city to the next.

Over two weeks ago I stopped in buy two separate cellular phone batteries.

I requested (did not buy) one of the batteries, which was not in their inventory.

The battery was going to be sent in from an other store. I was told by one of the five persons I dealt with, I'd have to wait a few days & I'd get a call when it arrived. The customer service issues started there. "James" called me the day the battery came in.

I drive more than 14 miles to get to the store. No biggie, since I worked it, as I had the first day, to take care of other errands while I was out that way. However, when I got to the store the battery was not in. So, James, who thought it was a good joke to not just lie to a customer, me, but waste my time saying the item I requested was now in.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when some older(yes I'm being an agist, due to his obvious behavior toward me as a younger person his actions could not be taken for anything else but. Since I was younger, I was ignorant by default- usually the prejudicial attitude of bigots.) Cut to the end - just a little more civil conduct & consideration or pride in the performance of one's job really is an intangible that goes a long way. Like, just "do your job." All the other stuff makes you uncool.

Don't be another number bro. Getting a battery from an establishment shouldn't take three weeks, topped with unhappy service from overweight workers

Monetary Loss: $40.

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You call them bigots but mention that the folks who waited on you were overweight...hmmmm. Pot meet kettle.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #621319

We apologize for your negative experience. Could you please let us know which Phoenix store you visited so that we can address this matter?

There are three stores there: 2404 E Bell Rd, 3415 W Glendale Ave and 3838 E Thomas Rd. Thank you.

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