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Took my phone in for repair did not work when I got it back 3 days later. Took to two phone repair stores and called two different Batteries Plus stores and all said the parts put in my phone were defective. The Olathe store said the phone was broke when I brought it in which is why I brought it in. The manager would not replace part under warranty so I took it to a different Batteries Plus and they changed part under warranty and phone works...
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I called and asked if theyd repair my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ..charge port...they said it would have to ge replaced not fixed. Theyd order the port for it and call me when it was in. I waited a week and no i called...the guy said he could not find a work order on it with my name ...told him i spoke with a young man and he verified with the Manager on duty that it could be fixed and theyd order the part. Well...then i was told the...
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I took my iPhone 6 Plus in to have the screen replaced. The tech ruined the Touch ID. I was no longer able to use that function once he replaced the screen. He admitted it was the second time that day that this happened. He didn't even offer a resolution. I told him to put my old screen back on as I refused to pay for this. I left the store worse off than when I walked in, not to mention the 3 hours of time I wasted back and forth. Batteries...
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I took my phone to the store for repair. Somehow, when i got mine back, my phone had somebody else's SIM card- meaning i had a different service and phone number. I called them- they said call back on Monday for manager at 4. I called them at 4:11, they said the manager just left. Luckily, i called my original phone number, met the guy- another victim from the batteries plus- who has my sim card, and exchanged ours back. Meanwhile, the store is...
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I took my daughter iphone6 to BP in Florence SC to have screen replaced. Took it home, daughter turns it on an says " Dad there is white light coming in around the outside of screen and one corner isn't in place. Next day I took it back they put the wrong screws in it and tried to tell me someone else did it. I the meantime humidity or "their water treatment" has ruined her phone. The Manager is also a *** with the personality of a rock. Never...
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I broke my screen then took to battery plus bulbs they change the screen i left at four and by eight the screen cracked again went in the next mourning and the guy did not even take the phone from me he just said its mine they dont warranty the glass that i broke it but for another 160.00 dollars they will change it again after i call the corporate office three weeks later they called back to say they could not do anything that the owners had...
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Their warranty is a JOKE as no matter what the issue is they simply do not cover repairs. My phone screen also cracked after repair. They claimed that they can only cover the functionality of the screen so when the LCD screen blacked out I took it in with my receipt and then they claimed that they can only cover defective parts...which was the screen. Needless to say they *** over worse than if I had just ponied up the money to get a new phone. DO NOT USE BATTERIES PLUS...
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I didn't like
  • Tristans handling of my warranty
  • Warranty
Took my phone to batteries Plus in Trussville Alabama to see if they could replace the battery. They looked at my phone found they had the battery in stock and said it would be no trouble. After about 15 min they brought it back to me and I was on my way. Later that afternoon I noticed the screen was not attached properly and it was glitching out. I took the phone back to them and told them I would pick it up in an hour. When I returned...
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I liked
  • Conveniece
I didn't like
  • Flat out lied
  • Horrible customer service
  • Broke my phone

Batteries Plus Phone Part Replacement Review

3 months of go I bought a batterie for my phone the sales guy told me it had life time warranty I went by there to try and exchange since it stop charging I was told he would enter my name and phone # just incase I lost my recipt when I went by I was told I needed a recipt or to by another since I had lost my recipt he was rude and left me standing there he just walk away