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Batteries Plus
Main address: 53029 Hartland WI
1-800-677-8278 (USA), ,
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have a dr mower that required 18ah battery , burned up two werker batteries before getting a motobattery equivalent size, no more problems. The warranty is from date of purchase on original battery so if you get a replacement keep that in mind, I thought the replacement battery would have a year warranty on it so I didn't bother testing it untill the next summer - oops Add comment


  • Aug 26
  • Equipment
  • Woodbury, Minnesota
  • Car Key Batteries
  • 47

I bought battery for my car key from batteries+bulbs in Woodbury,MN,I asked the manager to give me the battery for Toyota camry 2010 and he gave me the one and said if you have any problem, return it back.He gave me a wrong one and when I went to the store to exchange it, another seller refused to exchange and said you used the battery!! when I insisted to get a right battery, he called the... Read more

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  • Aug 18
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Cell Phone Battery
  • 48

Purchased some cfl bulbs and a cell phone battery a few months ago. I was told it had a replacement warranty on it for any defects. Battery stopped holding a charge and puffed up after a few months. Took it in for a replacement and, after the nice employee called the manager to ask if we could replace it he told her the warranty is void because the battery doesn't hold a charge. So basically... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Rude Manager
  • 48

We have always shopped at Batteries Plus; however, when we went today, the clerk (only one in the store) was horribly rude. There was no one in the store and we had to wait over 12 minutes before she would acknowledge our presence even though we had asked for her help. She acted mean and angry for no apparent reason. The store had just opened so her attitude shouldn't be related to work but... Read more

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  • Jul 05
  • Accessories and programs
  • Houston, Texas
  • Laser Pointer Batteries
  • 75

I recently bought a powerful laser pointer and needed some batteries for it. I went to Batteries Plus to get some lithium ions. I gave the information about the battery to a guy who worked there. He sold me a couple the batteries i asked for and i was on my way. I go home and plug em into my laser and it works fine for the first few days. Then it stops working. I tried unscrewing the endcap to... Read more

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  • Jun 30
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Flashlight Batteries
  • 98

In a nut shell... I go in with my tactical flashlight with the exact batteries to be used in hand on Friday (6.27.14). I ask the associate if he carried 18650 batteries in stock. Didn't have them in stock but could have them shipped there on Monday (6.30.14). Ok fine. I get a call Saturday afternoon saying my batteries were in and ready for pick up. I told them I could pick them up Sunday... Read more

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I was not aware that your batteries plus business could lock the door and turn off the open sign nine minutes before closing when they see a customer pull into the parking lot. I knew what I wanted and was paying by debit card. So, counting down your register would not have been affected. I will definitely take my business elsewhere. From what I understand, battery plus prices are much higher... Add comment


  • May 13
  • Accessories and programs
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 2
  • 2
  • 62

Battery bought for $93.00 supposed to be a great battery. Purchased 5/7/2013. Used for 3 months then stored over the winter in the house. Charged up and would not hold a charge. Called the store and OMG out of warranty by 6 days. No help at all given. Snippy store manager. I called the 800 number given to me and they were no help at all either. What has happened to customer service and... Read more

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  • May 10
  • Accessories and programs
  • Brandon, Florida
  • Drill Batteries Rebuilt
  • 48

I had 2 18 volt dewalt drill batteries rebuilt , both batteries never performed like they did when they were new, I was told they would be better then new ones. After about 6 months they loose their charge over night, they don't last long when being use with a full charge. They at this time are in about the same condition as when I had them rebuilt 10 months age and they were 3 year at that... Read more

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